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Wildlife Curious

India is witnessing increasing conflict between development and conservation, and our wildlife faces more threats than ever. The 'Doom & Gloom' narrative of environmental issues only adds to the despair and hopelessness. Positive stories of regeneration can lead to hope and action. At Conservation Optimism India, we aim to share these stories, large and small, to inspire change.

Wildlife Curious is an immersive event designed to foster feel-good activities and interactions centred around the theme of conservation.





Ahalya Acharya, Manini Bansal, Marishia Rodrigues, Munib Khanyari, Pooja Rathi, Trisha Gupta


We recognise the pivotal role the youth play in shaping the future. The need for such initiatives stems from the desire to empower them with knowledge and a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

By adopting a feel-good and positive approach, the event seeks to make conservation a lifestyle choice rather than a burdensome obligation.

The screens at this digital cafe surrounded by lush plants served as the perfect canvases to showcase stories and artworks that highlight the positive impacts of conservation efforts. Short films from the Conservation Optimism Film Festival 2022 were also screened.

Participants were encouraged to connect with nature through journaling, fostering a sense of mindfulness and appreciation for the environment. The finished pieces acted as ice-breakers to start a conversation with the other participants.

The first of many events to come! We're excited to continue to create meaningful engagements, fostering curiosity, and deepening appreciation for the environment building a community of optimists and change-makers.

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