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Encapsulating inspirations from around the globe, Snitch crafts clothing for the fashion-forward modern man. Offering an unconventional style ethos as a men's fast fashion brand, they design styles and "snitch" on the latest trends. Crafting a retail identity for this brand as it transitions from the digital realm to a physical presence.






2400 sqft


Restore Design

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The Snitch store emanates boldness from its very exterior, featuring a large screen that boldly showcases engaging brand content. This dynamic and immersive storytelling sets the tone for what lies within – a realm of fast fashion for men.

The design ideology revolves around embodying the brand's bold and youthful spirit. It calls for a clean white interior as a versatile backdrop and design elements that directly draw inspiration from the logo's iconic curve form.

The display design includes different typologies to create clusters for stacking and hanging, adding an element of dynamism and adaptability to the interior layout. The overall aim is to create a space that not only showcases fashion but becomes an experiential journey aligned with Snitch's unique brand identity.

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