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Fashion and lifestyle brand, Jaypore believes in preserving heritage by sharing stories of Indian craft and craftsmanship. Their crafted and craft-inspired products are rooted and local to India but also modern with a global connection. Their brief to Studio Lotus was to reflect the same qualities to the space housing these products, providing the consumer with a premium and immersive experience and at the same time, making them feel at home.


Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd 




3000 sqft


Aastha Batra, Asha Sairam, Parija Chandra, Pooja Rathi, Tanuj Biyani

Photographer: Ravi Asrani


The layout is derived from the concept of a typical Indian courtyard. Painted in terracotta red, the ceiling is accentuated with brass lamps that create a warm and inviting ambience.

The primary material palette of stone and timber is warm and earthy to provide a neutral backdrop for the merchandise, with inserts in mild steel and brass adding a secondary layer of understated elegance.

Timber slats behind the carrodust stone billing counter are engraved with patterns derived from Indian textiles. The colour sequence changes with a shift in vantage point, creating a sense of playful dynamism.

The peripheral display system in a stone framed niche in the wall is based on a modular grid and is adaptable to display various product categories like apparel, accessories, and home decor.

A triangular pattern adapted from textile traditions of phulkari, shibori, ikat and kanjeevaram runs as a common thread, finding expression in the grey tiled flooring, the fabric-sandwiched glass partitions and the timber display units. It is also stencilled and printed on the walls of the trial rooms and the staircase.

The brand also has an extensive range of jewellery and accessories that is showcased in an intimate shop-in-shop themed pocket with collections placed in haberdashery-style cabinets.  A playful composition of various display devices against the dark backdrop helps highlight each product.


A light, perforated skin of geometric latticework wraps around the store exterior, with its phulkari-inspired, gradated patterns designed to create a sense of movement and visual dynamism.

The first of several new stores that will showcase the brand's revamped identity, an attempt has been made to highlight its core values of preserving and celebrating the country's repository of craft forms through its spatial experience.

Awards & Features

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