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Indocount, a leading soft furnishing brand showcased its two sub-brands- Boutique Living and Layers- at HGH India 2022, a prominent B2B trade show in the home decor and furnishing sector. The design directive was to create an exhibition stall encapsulating the essence of both brands, boldly articulating the diverse collections.






1800 sqft


Restore Design

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The space was envisioned to distinctly represent the identities of both brands, with displays crafted to be informative and impactful. The layout facilitated open as well as private discussions.

Boutique Living caters to consumers with a preference for the sophistication of boutique hotels, with four collections on display - Kalpavriksha, Rock n Room, Cosmo Living, and Heritage Walk.

02 2.png

Featuring bamboo cotton bedsheets and towels from the Kalpavriksha collection, the display draws inspiration from the gradient of available hues. Soft organic patterns, layered in a spectrum, evoke a sense of gentleness with bamboo inserts enhancing the display.

Targeted at teens and kids, the Rock n Room collection takes inspiration from the Rasta Rhymes culture and musical instruments. The display mimics a lively kids' room, where the graphic of the bedsheet comes to life, creating an engaging and vibrant ambiance.

The Cosmo Living collection, characterized by classic floral patterns, is showcased on a central island display, accompanied by an inviting discussion area.

Prints of the Heritage Walk collection are inspired by the rich heritage of Indian crafts. The product display with various artefacts and objects immerses the viewer in the experience of strolling through an art gallery.

The other brand, Layers, presents two collections- Be Bold and Duracount, each embodying a contemporary aesthetic through solid colours and bold patterns, respectively.

The display transcends conventional boundaries, with colors and patterns seamlessly extending beyond the product, forming a cohesive and dynamic visual experience within a neat circle.

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