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Furlenco empowers urban Indians with a "Freedom of Choice" to buy and rent furniture from a diverse range tailored to evolving lifestyles, streamlining the process with considerable time, effort, and cost savings. The brief, we derived, was to design a space that provides a tactile experience, allowing customers to explore the products in an immersive and informative atmosphere, fostering brand connections and facilitating informed decision-making.






4500 sqft


Restore Design

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The storefront transitions from a solid appearance to an open facade with a shift in vantage points. The bold use of the brand colour enhances brand recall, making the storefront distinctive and memorable.

Upon entering, customers encounter the Search Bar, a digital hub seamlessly bridging the online and offline realms, allowing customers to input their preferences, explore in-store product availability, and engage with captivating brand content. A lit installation of chairs seen against a large Furlenco monogram entices the viewer as they look around.

Experimenting with levels in the display area to break visual monotony, the space is designed to encourage self-discovery. The display features three styles: a theme setting with multiple categories, a best-seller setting highlighting a singular product, and a library format. The use of portable partitions with inserts of Indian textiles  help create a warm and contemporary ambience, all without necessitating permanent alterations to the space.

Product information is streamlined into Visible and Invisible for clarity and accessibility. Basic details like name, price, material, and size, are visible, clearly indicating buying or renting choices. A nearby screen offers additional information like availability, combos, and delivery options. Invisible details are accessible via QR codes on product tags, providing comprehensive insights for interested customers.

Customization with Furlenco becomes a personalized journey at the Style Bar, an inclusive design guild, where customers can curate home looks through moodboarding and consultations with an in-house designer over a cup of coffee, fostering a collaborative and informative experience.

The Social Bar is a community zone affirming that Furlenco is a trusted friend in a new city. Tablets showcase customer testimonials, reinforce the brand's purpose and offer an in-depth understanding of plans. They also provide information on staff, including the delivery team, fostering trust.

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Purchase is completed through any space, be it the display area, the Style Bar, or the Social Bar using portable machines. As customers can't leave with the product immediately, they receive an envelope containing a miniature flat-pack of furniture, along with purchase details, delivery tracking information, and product return instructions, evoking a feeling of assurance and being sorted.

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