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Flying Machine

Flying Machine is India’s first denim brand that continues to experiment and push boundaries, much like today’s millennials. The task was to reflect the brand’s attitude of being a trendsetter, highlighting the brand pillars: Denim Youth and Fashion- articulated in two words: Damn Hot! 


Arvind Fashions




1800 sqft


Restore Design


When a brand strategy is as direct as this, it is important to find a compelling and distinctive metaphor that plays that out. And so, the thought was 1150°, the temperature at which a volcano erupts. Now that’s damn hot! 

Products are displayed in a way to indicate what makes people look “hot, hotter, hottest”. Lit temperature signages and catchy phrases around the store creating Instagrammable moments.

Using inserts of red, which is also the brand colour, we created a denim-focused ‘Fashion Core’ that highlights the hottest FM products, standing out against the rest of the ash grey space. A unique textured silver finish on the walls of the denim core is a reminder of a hazmat suit giving it an edge. 

The Infinity Mirror is a bold feature outside the trial rooms. This reflective illusion is a dynamic Instagrammable picture spot, encouraging customers to share their unique experiences on social media platforms. Customers can delve into the brand narrative on a large screen behind the billing counter while completing their transactions.

Flying Machine_edited.jpg

Frosted fluted glass on the store façade creates an impactful smoke simulation with a soft glow from linear lights. Mannequins in a metallic finish that hang from the ceiling are perceived as actual “flying machines.” 

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