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Fable Street

Fable Street is an Indian women's fashion brand known for its contemporary and stylish clothing. It started with workwear essentials that seamlessly blend fashion and functionality, and gradually moved to casual and dressy. The online brand forayed into brick-and-mortar retail with a one-line brief: the space should embody the brand's ethos.


FS Life




800 sqft


Restore Design


The storefront embraces openness, extending a warm invitation to customers. The subtle curvature hints at the inclusivity that defines the brand's philosophy.

A line art gracefully flows through the walls, leading to the back where it transforms into artwork featuring three distinct female forms, celebrating the beauty of diversity.

Mannequins of different sizes grace the space, showcasing the brand's commitment to providing fashion for all body types. Artefacts like butt vases, ceramic apples, and pears,  subtly signify and celebrate various body types. 

Organic-shaped mirrors placed throughout the store challenge conventional norms, signalling that this space is one where individuality is celebrated and customers don't need to conform to any pre-defined box.

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