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DesignCo is a handicrafts manufacture and export company, taking the finely crafted products of India, made in wood, glass, and metal, to households globally. Studio Lotus designed an experience center for their international buyers to get to know the brand and the products better


Lohia Group


2020 - 2021


6000 sqft


Asha Sairam, Parija Chandra, Pooja Rathi, Rishikesh Rajan

dc layout.jpg

The layout is fairly open and linear. The visitors enter the lounge area which has access to the meeting room and the pantry.

A corridor with an interactive exhibit wall connects the lounge to the washrooms and the display area, which further leads to a photo studio.

The peripheral display systems are made of fins cladded in terrazzo laminate with slotted channels to enable modular shelving. The polycarbonate sheet reflects the lighting and provides a soft glowing background to the products


A hand-painted lighting installation adorns the otherwise monolith washroom.

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