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Arrow is one of India’s leading men’s formal wear brands. In a world where work wear has been redefined and is more fashion-forward, Men’s formal wear has undergone a massive change. Men being location shoppers, meant Arrow was required to present their styles and fashion in a formal yet approachable ambience. The idea behind the new retail identity was to redefine and create a new experience, one that inspires customers to find their style.  


Arvind Fashions




1000 sqft


Restore Design


The design is a testament to aspiration, featuring a masterful fusion of materials like wood, custom terrazzo, and brass with high gloss black finishes. A seamless blend of classic and curated seasonal display and storytelling engages, empowers, and inspires customers, making the shopping experience effortless.

The premium display fixtures with in-built lighting elevates the entire browsing experience like no other. The fitting area experience elevates the entire journey leading to a feeling of elation and contentment for the Arrow Man. 

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